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Get Your Driver's License and Learn to Drive Safely

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Pricing for our driving lessons

All Time Driving School II is ready to provide you with lessons you need to become a skilled driver. Learning to drive is not just about getting a driver's license, but it's an essential skill for life. You can count on us to get you driving safely on the road for all age groups.  We specialize in all type of drivers including new and nervous students.


We shall provide you with one-on-one lessons with NY State certified bilingual skilled instructors. Our mission is to teach safe driving skills that will last a lifetime.


We have custom design packages for your individual needs from beginner drivers, and for drivers who want a refresher course. Contact us for more information on what you need to start learning how to drive.


We offer NYS DMV required 5 hour pre-licensing course in a clean comfortable classroom.

Ask us how you can save money with one of our packages that can offer substantial discounts!


Get your driver's license and learn the safe driving skills you need.



Lessons / Road Test / 5-Hour Class / Total

$50.00 / $90.00 / $60.00

1 x 45 min. / 1 / 1 / $200.00

5 x 45 min. / 1 / 1 / $375.00

7 x 45 min. / 1 / 1 / $460.00

10 x 45 min. / 1 / 1 / $585.00

15 x 45 min. / 1 / 1 / $785.00

20 x 45 min. / 2 (if necessary) / 1 / $999.99

With lessons for beginners, intermediates & advanced drivers.

Must complete entire package or prices revert to full price lessons